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Moving is stressful enough without the added worries. So we've provided some helpful Moving Tips to make things a little bit easier!


It's seems straight forward but many forget this simple step. Having a list of things that need doing before, during and after the move can help with those unwanted surprises along the way!


Your list might include things such as bond/house cleaning; carpet and pest cleaning; phone and internet service connections; gas/electricity disconnections and reconnections. Or one of the most valued list is perhaps making a list as you pack. This will save you valued time on some items that don't need immediate unpacking as well as helping you to keep track on where items are and what boxes they're in  


Moving house creates a great opportunity for you to go through your belongings and ask yourself that question "do I really still need this..." A great tip is the 12, 6 3 rule.

Put simply if you've not used something within 12months and its not a 'seasonal item' like Christmas decorations or winter/summer gear, then there's a good chance that you are simply hanging on and you should consider letting it go. Next is the 6 month pile, this is things that you occasionally use. Once again if its seasonal or an occasional use keep it otherwise if you can do with out then the decision is simply - bin it! Finally the 3 month pile are normally pieces that you use on a regular basis - however be sure to weed out any duplicates are extras that you no longer use or require to help save on space!


When you order your MOVEIN BOX through us, we supply a range of packing supplies to go with it. However if your using your own boxes be sure to choose sturdy boxes and preferably ones of the same shape and size.


This fact will come apparent when trying to stack them in the MOVEIN BOX, if you have a mix of book + wine cartons, fruit boxes and other boxes you've gotten from the local grocery store, you'll quickly find that the space disappears. Whereas when the boxes are of the same shape and size it makes packing a stacking a breeze!


It's It's great when friends and family offer to help you pack up. But not so great when they don't take the same level of care with item that you would.

When it comes to general household items, sure let them go wild. But when it comes to something dear and special to you, you really need to take the time to carefully wrap and pack it yourself, so as to minimise and breakages and tears!

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